Reporter Breaks Multiple Bones After Slide Accident At Brewers Stadium

( A reporter broke multiple bones after going down a slide at Brewers stadium.

Dodgers’ reporter David Vassegh breaks two bones and cracks six ribs in Milwaukee.  Everything was documented on camera. And it was painful to see.

Before the Milwaukee Brewers game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, David Vassegh believed it would make for entertaining television to ride on Bernie Brewer’s slide. The strategy didn’t quite work out as expected.

According to reports, at the end of his slide down “Bernie’s Chalet,” the Dodgers television and radio reporter said he shattered two bones in his right wrist and cracked six ribs.

“Bernie’s Chalet” is the home of Brewers mascot Bernie Brewer behind the American Family Field left-field seats.  Bernie the mascot rides down the enormous, white slide to honor Milwaukee’s home runs.

Before the Dodgers’ Thursday afternoon game in Milwaukee, Vassegh said, he learned not to perform his own stunts again.

Reports show that in addition to hosting the “Dodger Talk” program that airs after Dodgers radio broadcasts, Vassegh occasionally serves as a reporter for Los Angeles television broadcasts. Four hours before the Dodgers’ Wednesday night game, he was performing his duties as a television employee when he twice went down the slide.

He was filmed at the top of the slide the first time, and everything went according to plan.

He descended once again, so they could film him. As Vassegh swung to the side, the padding was struck by his right arm. Vassegh remarked that the second time went more quickly and slicker.

David Vassegh visited an urgent care center and returned to his job by the fifth inning. While conducting a postgame interview with Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes, Vassegh’s right arm was in a cast.

Vassegh reportedly returned to work on Thursday, even though he anticipates needing surgery once he returns home.

Reports show that Vassegh had received over 200 texts from his friends and fellow players since his fall.  There has been a lot of support but also humor at the same time.