Report Finds Seattle Hiring Illegal Migrants to be Police Officers

The 2024 presidential election is now less than five calendar months from occurring. The contest appears most likely to be a closely contested affair and will feature the former 45th president of the United States, the reality television star, celebrity figure, and businessman from New York City Donald Trump and the long-serving career politician the incumbent 46th commander in chief Joe Biden. Both men are equally unpopular, and many Americans have an unfavorable opinion of both major candidates. A recent article by Newsmax has alleged that Biden carries a 37% approval rating, while Trump only carries a 41% favorability rating, with both statistics being quite low. The race projects to be a toss-up, nail-biting contest. Trump is locked in a dead heat with Biden. Despite becoming the first president in American history to be indicted as a felon, Trump still enjoys massive popularity from the far-right. Biden, however, has routinely appeared inept, cognitively unstable, and incompetent, and the American economy and national security have undoubtedly suffered under his leadership.

It is safe to say the race is a battle of who is disliked the least, not who is liked more. 

One major issue that will certainly dominate the upcoming election is that of illegal immigration. It is estimated that over 5 and a half million migrants have entered the nation since early 2021, the beginning of Bidens presidency. A recent article by the New York Post has alleged that the federal migration backlog will surpass eight million individuals by the fall of 2024, right around the election. Trump appears to have a slight edge over Biden in terms of immigration, and many voters continue to realize that immigration in its current form is a grave threat to the nation’s national security. 

Some progressively run, democrat-controlled cities continue to be a haven for foreign illegals, though. In Seattle, DACA recipients (illegal immigrants) are being recruited to serve as law enforcement officers.