Rep-Elect Letlow Died From Heart Attack (REPORT)

( In an interesting turn of events, a doctor just confirmed that Congressman-elect Luke Letlow of Louisiana died of a heart attack in the hospital that was likely linked to his COVID-19 diagnosis. It comes after the sad passing of the Republican politician, who was all set to enter Congress in January, died of COVID-19 on December 30.

In an email to The Epoch Times, Dr. G. E. Ghali of LSU Health Shreveport confirmed that Letlow died of complications of COVID-19 and not specifically of the virus.

“Congressman-elect Luke Letlow ultimately died from complications of COVID-19,” Shreveport said. “His immediate death due to a heart attack is likely related to thromboembolic phenomena caused by COVID-19.”

However, the hospital refused to share any more details about how the two were connected.

Letlow tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus earlier in December. At 41 years old, he was certainly more likely to experience serious symptoms than younger people but was decades away from being considered extremely vulnerable to the deadly effects of the Chinese virus.

The congressman-elect was transferred to intensive care on December 22, three days after initially being admitted to hospital after contracting the virus.

The Epoch Times reported how medical professionals are required by health authorities to report COVID-19 on death certificates of those who die after testing positive for the virus, and that there are three sections on death certificates to indicate the relation that COVID-19 had on the death. At this time, it remains unclear what Letlow’s death certificate would say, and just how much of a role COVID-19 played in his death.

In an ideal world, nobody would have reason to disbelieve medical professionals on matters like this, but COVID-19 has been recorded on death certificates for so many people that died of other things that many people are now growing sceptical.

Another special election will now be held in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District to pick the next representative for the area. Letlow had just successfully fought and won a special election.

Voters will go to the polls on March 20 this year and will follow the usual rules for Louisiana. That means if no candidate gets more than 50%, a runoff election will then take place in April.