“Ready For Ron” Movement Means A Possible Trump War

(FiveNation.com)- In a sneering op-ed at The Hill, writer Myra Adams noted that in one weekend, she received a carpet bombing of emails from former President Trump’s PAC and his allies. Among the emails were subject lines like “The Great MAGA King” and another notifying her that she qualified for “GREAT MAGA KING STATUS.”

Then there were the “TRUMP WAR” emails that featured Drudge Report-style sirens promoting “’news’ from MAGA-world’s alternative reality.”

Adams noted the irony that she was getting Drudge Report-style emails from Trump at the same time the real Drudge Report was promoting news stories about Republicans abandoning Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis meeting with donors.

Adams explains that she has tried repeatedly to unsubscribe from the barrage of Trump-related emails, but said like COVID-19, the emails morph into new strains and are “immune to deletion.”

So instead of trying to end the barrage, Adams decided to see the emails as instructive “to observe this repetitive, juvenile messaging” which she believes will one day be studied in political communications classes.

Adams notes that there has been an increase in these fundraising emails since the January 6 select committee began its televised hearings in mid-June. So when ABC News reported last week that the Trump PAC has spent almost half a million dollars on legal fees representing Trump-allies subpoenaed as witnesses, she wasn’t surprised.

Meanwhile, another PAC has formed to promote Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in 2024.

The PAC, “Ready for Ron” said its purpose is to draft Ron DeSantis for the 2024 presidential race. Its co-chair is Ed Rollins, the veteran Republican strategist who chaired Great America PAC in 2016.

The “Ready for Ron” PAC believes that Ron DeSantis is just the man to revive the America First agenda.

In a news release from the PAC, Ed Rollins is quoted saying that the era of Trump “was wonderful” but since he isn’t currently running for president, “we must get ready for a new leader.” And that leader, Rollins believes, is Ron DeSantis.

Adams suggests that since Trump “is crazy-glued to the GOP throne,” promoting DeSantis will lead “toward an uncivil Trump-style war.” But, she adds hopefully, maybe Attorney General Merrick Garland can prevent this war by bringing charges against Donald Trump for the January 6 riot.