Rashida Tlaib Fearful As Welfare Bill Heads To Senate

(FiveNation.com)- Over the weekend, HBO aired Jonathan Swan’s Axios interview with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (PLO-MI). And apparently, Rashida isn’t ready to pop the champagne over the House passing Biden’s monstrous “Build Back Better” bill quite yet. She’s “fearful,” you see because its fate in the Senate is so uncertain.

Rashida is “fearful” that those “corporate Dems” like Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema will take control of the bill and eviscerate it. She thinks they have been “influenced and guided” by people who don’t have America’s best interests in mind.

You know, the way Rashida Tlaib does.

Accusing Manchin and Sinema of being controlled by corporate PACs who “profit off human suffering,” Tlaib climbed up on her cross and bragged how she doesn’t take corporate PAC money, nor does she have special interest groups lining up outside her door.

Rashida wants to end incarceration – an insane policy advanced by Black Lives Matter and other radical special interest groups. Who does Rashida think she’s kidding? Special interest groups might not be lining up at her door, but she’s still doing their bidding.

But it isn’t just Sinema and Manchin Rashida thinks are “corporate Dems.” According to Rashida, there are other “corporate Dems” who are “hiding behind” Sinema and Manchin. Plus, there are all those Republicans in the Senate. Rashida thinks the opposition to this massive, unsustainable spending bill is bipartisan. Which is more than you can say for its supporters.

Speaking of ending incarceration, in the same interview, Rashida got a little frustrated that Axios’ Jonathan Swan repeatedly challenged her over her support for a bill that would end federal prisons in ten years.

Wow. This woman is insane.

For someone who complains that Sinema and Manchin are controlled by people who want to profit from human suffering, Rashida sure is willing to increase the amount of human suffering Americans will have to endure by releasing every inmate from federal prison.

Michigan isn’t sending their best.

While Sheila Jackson Lee is often called the dumbest member of the House, Rashida Tlaib just might have her beat.