Rand Paul Wants Dr. Fauci Removed From TV

(FiveNation.com)- Senator Rand Paul, the libertarian Republican representing Kentucky, slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast: on Fox Business Network on Tuesday, suggesting that the public health officials should be stopped from appearing on television shows because of his “fear-mongering” tactics.

Paul, who is also a physician, said that Dr. Anthony Fauci – President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisor – is pushing information and claims that are not even “matched by the science of his own institute,” referring to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“Now, immunity doesn’t have to be perfect to be protective. It could be that possibly someone who’s had COVID like myself could they be reinfected — there are very small numbers of it. But guess what, almost none of them are really getting sick. … You’re not reading stories of, ‘Oh, my goodness, thousands of people have been reinfected and they’re hospitalized and they’re dying.’ Those stories don’t exist. You will read about a random, very rare person getting reinfected or getting infected when they have been vaccinated. But the good news is, is that even if you got infected from COVID after you’ve been vaccinated, you have some immunity, you have partial immunity, and it lessens the degree or significance of the disease,” Paul said.

The Kentucky Senator said that almost everything out there is good news, with hundreds of millions of people vaccinated and more vaccines on the way – but Dr. Fauci still wants to portray doom and gloom.

On Monday, the day before this interview, Senator Paul caused a stir when he said that Fauci was a “petty tyrant,” exposing the nonsense being peddled by the public health official about vaccines.

Paul responded to an MSNBC interview in which Fauci claimed that it was not OK for vaccinated Americans to go out and eat at restaurants or drink indoors, despite the CDC confirming – and all public health officials already knowing – that a vaccine stops the vast majority of those who have received it from spreading the virus that they are vaccinated against.

“Fauci continues to ignore 100 years of vaccine science,” Dr. Rand Paul said.

“His only real theme is ‘do what I say’ even when it makes no sense,” he added, before encouraging anybody who has recovered from the virus or been vaccinated to “go about your life” and “eat, drink, work, open the schools.”

Why aren’t we following the science?

For as long as President Joe Biden is in office, however, Dr. Anthony Fauci looks like he isn’t going away…and your civil liberties aren’t coming back without a fight.