Rand Paul Tells AT&T Users To Quit Subscriptions Over Newsmax Censorship

(FiveNation.com)- Popular Republican Senator for Kentucky, Rand Paul, said on Tuesday night during a Newsmax interview that Cincinnati Bell customers should switch to another TV and Internet provider after they dropped Newsmax from their cable line-up.

That’s a bold move, too. Newsmax is the fourth highest-rated cable news channel in the country and attracts millions of viewers. So why would a TV supplier be so happy and willing to drop a channel when so many of their customers want to watch it?

Senator Paul told host Sean Spicer that conservatives all over the country should begin cutting their business ties with companies just like Cincinnati Bell who promote extreme “woke” values and insult their conservative customers.

“Ultimately, the market, we have to let them know they have to see a penalty…quit buying them!” he said. “Whoever controls the cable and satellites doesn’t want conservative TV, we shouldn’t use them.”

“We’re 40% of the country, people watching Newsmax, conservative TV, and they don’t want us,” he added.

He’s right, too. With such a huge percentage of the country supporting the Republican Party, companies like Cincinnati Bell should actually be seeing huge financial losses whenever they cut ties with conservative-leaning news shows. But they don’t, because people don’t boycott them.

Cincinnati Bell removed Newsmax from its cable channels, meaning its 50,000 customers across Kentucky and Ohio can no longer access the channel. The company first claimed that Newsmax was demanding too high a price to stay on the network, but Newsmax reports that there was never a fixed price and negotiations were ongoing. Newsmax even reportedly came to a deal with Cincinnati Bell’s agent, but the deal was later rejected and the channel simply…removed.