Radio Host Fired After Mocking Kamala Harris For Dressing Like UPS Employee

( A conservative radio personality and writer was fired from her job for joking about the monochrome brown pantsuit Kamala Harris wore to President Biden’s State of the Union Address on March 1.

The Washington editor for Spectator, Amber Athey revealed in a column this week that Cumulus Washington fired her from her regular spot on DC talk radio station WMAL’s “O’Connor & Company” after the outrage mob descended over her March 1 tweet that Kamala looked like a UPS employee.

Why did the tweet offend the outrage mob?

Because saying Kamala looked like a UPS driver is supposedly “racist.”

In her column at Spectator recounting what happened, Athey said her tweet initially went unnoticed. But a few days later, Athey criticized protests in support of “trans kids” at the University of North Texas and the angry trans activists came after her.

And everybody knows, when the angry trans activists strike, one of the first things they do is comb through tweets to find other things to get mad about. When they found Athey’s UPS joke, she was pegged as a racist and the usual suspects began contacting both Cumulus and the Spectator to demand that Athey be fired.

The outrage mob got nowhere with the Spectator. Athey said the angry emails were met with laughter and “promptly deleted.”

But eight days after Athey tweeted that Kamala looked like a UPS employee, she was contacted “out of the blue” by the vice president of Cumulus Washington Jeff Boden and the vice president of human resources Kirston Francellas.

Boden and Francellas told Athey that her UPS employee tweet was “racist.” They said it was “unacceptable” that she defended herself against people attacking her on Twitter while making fun of the attempts to get her fired. They fired Athey “effective immediately” for allegedly violating the company’s social media policy.

Cumulus is a conservative media company.

Athey appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Tuesday to discuss what happened: