Radical Elizabeth Warren Plotting To Become Treasury Secretary Under Biden Administration

(FiveNation.com)- Radical progressive – and arguably socialist – Senator Elizabeth Warren is reportedly looking to obtain a major economic role in a possible Joe Biden administration. The far-left legislator, who ran against Joe Biden in the primaries, is looking to play a major role in reshaping the United States economy if Biden wins in November.

According to Politico, which cited three officials from the Democratic Party who had spoken to Warren’s inner circle, the Massachusetts senator wants to be the next treasury secretary. Warren, who once pretended to be Native American when seeking a place on the State Bar of Texas, is expected to begin advocating for herself to become the next treasury secretary next week if the Democrats win the election.

“She wants it,” two Democrat officials told Politico.

The role of treasury secretary will be a major role in the next administration, whether that’s a Biden or a Trump administration. Whoever assumes the role will be required to steer the United States economy out of a recession. But, if the Democrats take control, that recession would likely get worse as Joe Biden has indicated that he would shut down the economy if scientific advisors told him to. President Donald Trump has promised not to do that.

Under President Trump’s leadership, the economy has begun to rebound, GDP increased by 33.1% in the third quarter, which is record-breaking.

A spokesperson for Elizabeth Warren refused to acknowledge the report, telling Politico, “It’s 5 days out, we’re focused on the election and encourage everyone else to be as well.”

So that isn’t a denial.

Should Warren be chosen as treasury secretary under a Biden administration, it could give her room to implement some of the radical plans she proposed as a presidential candidate. Warren proposed a plan that would put a 2% tax on fortunes over $50 million. Her plan also included a 6% tax on every dollar of fortunes worth more than $1 billion, even for assets that are hard to sell.

Which…makes no sense.

Warren also proposed cancelling all student debt.

Joe Biden would no longer be able to present himself as a moderate if he chose Elizabeth Warren as his treasury secretary, though should he win, it likely wouldn’t matter any more.