Putin’s Motorcade Makes A Late Night Dash Amid Fears He’ll Ramp Up Attacks

(FiveNation.com)- Russian President Vladimir Putin’s motorcade was caught dashing through central Moscow, prompting concerns that the Russian leader will make an important announcement, as he prefers to make announcements with a Kremlin backdrop, according to Daily Mail. His night-time address after launching the invasion of Ukraine was suspected to be recorded prior to the actual invasion.

Putin lives about 20 miles from the Kremlin at his region official residence Novo-Ogaryovo. In the summer, he is reportedly often based at another residence on the Black Sea.

No comment has been made from the Kremlin over the scene, but it came hours after Russia killed 22 people when it fired missiles at a railway station which coincided with Ukraine’s Independence Day celebrating 31 years apart from the Soviet Union. The telegram channel, Operation Z: Military Commissars of the Russian Spring, first aired the footage of the attack to its 900,000 followers but deleted it, where it’s now being circulated by other unofficial channels.

One speculation surrounding the big hurry to the Kremlin was that Putin will designate Ukraine a “terrorist state,” according to political analyst and former MP Sergey Markov.

“Ukrainian [social media] must be trembling while reporting that right now Putin has arrived at the Kremlin – which means some important decisions will be made,” he said.

Another theory circulating is that Putin is going to announce another major step in his “special military campaign” against Ukraine as a response to the United States announcing new support for the country.

Putin has been critical of the West’s funding of the war, supplying Ukraine with weapons and hundreds of billions of dollars to fight against Russia, resulting in his growing blacklist that now prohibits the First Lady of the United States and a host of other defense officials and journalists from the United Kingdom.