Putin Launches Bomb Attack

According to 19fortyfive.com, 

Overnight, Kyiv was attacked by Russian jets. Officials in Ukraine said that more than 30 drones built in Iran were shot down by air defenses above the country’s capital. 

Reports reveal that over the course of three hours, air raid sirens went off, and drone debris fell and wounded five individuals.

Eight missiles were fired toward Odesa by Russian long-range aircraft. Ukrainian officials report that one person died and three others were injured in the incident.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said today that the Russian Federation likewise fired 16 missile strikes yesterday evening, targeting the cities of Mykolaiv, Kherson, Odesa, and Kharkiv.

After Ukrainian troops fired more than ten drones at Russian positions on the Crimean Peninsula early Sunday morning, the Russians retaliated by attacking Kyiv and other prominent Ukrainian population centers. 

Officials claimed that air defensive mechanisms had successfully warded off all strikes.

The number of attacks against Russian-held territory, especially in Crimea, has recently escalated. Some have hypothesized that these kinds of assaults are part of a strategy to weaken the target’s defenses before launching a full-scale invasion.

The report shows that while Moscow was enforcing its usual high level of security in preparation for its Victory Day parade commemorating the Soviet Union’s triumph over Nazi Germany, the city was bombarding the Ukrainian capital.   

In Moscow, hundreds of Russian service members and their equipment are parading past President Vladimir Putin, other senior military leaders, and friends in the country’s annual Victory Day parade.

Media outlets show that the celebration in Moscow commemorating the Soviet Union’s 1945 triumph over Nazi Germany had been blessed with clear skies. Moscow put on a show of military and weapons on this, one of the most important days in Russia’s public calendar.

Putin and friendly nations, military personnel, and combat veterans gather in Red Square to celebrate Victory Day and witness a parade of enormous missile launchers, battle tanks, and infantry.

With the continuing conflict in Ukraine occupying many of Russia’s military forces and security worries high on the Kremlin’s agenda this year, the scale of the event was lower than in previous years.