Putin EMERGENCY – Doctors Called In!

(FiveNation.com)- Doctors were called in to help Russian President Valimir Putin during a health emergency behind the scenes of his TV address where he was going to issue his doomsday nuclear threats, according to Kremlin rumors, in a report by Daily Mail.

Putin reportedly suffered a coughing fit and chest pains prior to the address, where he was going on to announce his “partial military mobilization” and warn that using nuclear weapons was not off the table.

The General SVR Telegram channel, speculated to be run by a Kremlin insider, posted that Putin’s address had to be recorded many times as a result of his bad health. The channel also claimed that three top figures in the government threatened to resign over the concern, including Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Russian central bank who reportedly kept the economy afloat amid Western sanctions.

“Shutting himself down to write the text of the appeal, Putin lingered by the time the recording began,” the channel wrote. “When the president came out and preparations for filming began, he began to cough frequently. After the fourth unsuccessful attempt to record an appeal, doctors were called to the president, to whom Putin also complained of chest pains.” Doctors then recommended that he reschedule the recording for an examination, which was done.

‘There is an opinion of people from the president’s inner circle that Putin feigned a health problem in order to reschedule filming and rethink his decision-making,” they added. “People close to the president know his pathological indecision and uncertainty in making decisions, especially key ones.”

In a recent example that reportedly shocked many loyalist officials, Putin banned reservists from fleeing the country. The Russian parliament also just reportedly passed a bill which increased penalties for desertion, voluntary surrender, insubordination, and damage to military property. His top political and security officials allegedly “met the president’s decision without enthusiasm.”

The overall environment of the country appears to be faltering, as tickets out of the country are sold out and the stock market is plunging, amid reports that other unnamed officials are threatening to resign and unrest grows amongst the country’s elite.