Psaki Bolts When Reporter Starts Asking Questions

( During her press briefing on Thursday, Jen Psaki began softening up the White House press corps preparing them for President Biden’s upcoming speech announcing unconstitutional federal vaccine mandates.

And as she was wrapping up, one reporter asked her a particularly salient question: what happened to “my body, my choice?”

Naturally, Psaki responded the way she always does when a question exposes the Administration’s hypocrisy. She ignored it.

The absolutely hilarious part of Mandate Thursday, however, was courtesy of Vice President Kamala Harris.

On the very day the White House announced mandating vaccinations, the oblivious Harris was speaking about Texas’ new “Heartbeat” law.

And her argument against it was poorly timed to say the least.

So, to be clear. On the same day President Biden announced that the unvaccinated would be compelled to submit to the COVID vaccine or risk losing their jobs, the Vice President was arguing that women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

On Friday, Tom Elliott from Grabien put together a montage of Democrats repeatedly asserting that they do not have the authority to impose vaccine mandates – from Jen Psaki to Nancy Pelosi to Anthony Fauci to Joe Biden himself.

It’s important to understand that for Democrats, hypocrisy is a feature not a bug.

They know they’re hypocrites; they just don’t care.

Take for instance the Biden administration permitting tens of thousands of illegal aliens into the country regardless of vaccination status.

During Friday’s press briefing, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy directly asked Jen Psaki why the President is forcing businesses with over one hundred employees to require vaccinations but is not forcing illegal aliens crossing the border to be vaccinated.

Rather than answer the question, Psaki simply confirmed that, yes, “that’s correct.”

The administration isn’t giving businesses “tools.” They are forcing businesses with over one hundred employees to either require vaccination as a condition of employment or face onerous fines.

What a monstrous liar this woman is.

Psaki acknowledged without a hint of shame that there is one mandatory standard for American business owners and employees and no standard for non-citizens entering the country illegally.

If the administration hoped to goose Biden’s cratering approval ratings by having him act tough on COVID, it is doubtful they succeeded.