Project Veritas Video Shows What Pfizer Scientists Really Think

( Project Veritas has released a number of new hidden camera videos related to the COVID vaccines, and they are, in a word, explosive.

One video of a Pfizer scientist managed to throw a giant monkey wrench in the government narrative about natural immunity.

While the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci continue to claim that COVID vaccines provide superior protection against COVID-19 than natural immunity, the Pfizer scientists who helped develop the Pfizer vaccine are saying something completely different.

In the fourth video in its series, an undercover Project Veritas reporter spoke with several Pfizer scientists, including biochemist Nick Karl who admitted on hidden camera that antibodies from previous COVID infection “are probably better than the vaccine.” Karl explained that those with natural immunity have more antibodies against the virus than those who are vaccinated – a sentiment echoed by the other scientists in the video.

Karl also admitted that New York City’s vaccine mandates aren’t about science. Instead, he told Project Veritas, they’re about “making it so inconvenient for unvaccinated people to the point where they’re just like, ‘F**k it. I’ll get it.’ You know?”

Watch this Project Veritas video HERE.

Project Veritas also did a series of videos of government public health officials privately expressing concern over vaccine side-effects, as well as promoting vaccine mandates, and discussing the vaccination of children.

In Part One, a whistleblower from the Department of Health and Human Services recorded colleagues voicing alarm over the safety of the COVID vaccines given the side effects.

Watch Part One HERE.

In Part Two, an official from the Food and Drug Administration joked about using blow darts to vaccinate African Americans and calling for a “Nazi Germany registry” of all unvaccinated Americans.

Watch Part Two HERE.

In the third installment, a Project Veritas journalist captures two Johnson & Johnson officials saying that, because of “unknown repercussions down the road,” children shouldn’t receive the COVID vaccine.

Watch Part Three HERE.

But Part Five in the series, released last week, is probably the most explosive of the bunch.

In this video, a Pfizer whistleblower admits that Pfizer tried to cover up the fact that aborted fetal cells were used in the development of their COVID vaccine.

Watch Part Five HERE.

It’s anyone’s guess how long YouTube will permit these videos to remain up on its platform.