Progressive Groups Launch Intimidation Campaign Targeting Voters

( “Progress Arizona,” a nonprofit group pretending to be non-partisan but actually advocating for far-left values and Democrat interests, has been visiting homes in Arizona encouraging people to oppose new legislation designed to make cheating in elections harder.

How can any non-partisan organization actively oppose legislation designed to ensure election integrity>

Bill SB1713 which is making its way through the state legislature will require all voters to include ID with their early mail-in ballots, and includes roughly one dozen ways to comply with the new law – meaning it won’t be particularly difficult for any voter to prove their identity when casting a ballot.

Progress Arizona has reportedly been hanging anti-SB1713 material on doorknobs across the state, with messages like “I Love PEVL” on the front. “PEVL” stands for “Permanent Early Voting List,” a reference to a 2007 Arizona law that allows voters to stay on the list to receive mail-in ballots permanently – a shocking provision that makes it easier for election fraud to occur. Democrats argue that the new bill reverses PEVL and the materials left hanging on voters’ doors claims that SB1713 is one of several “attacks on voting rights.”

“Forces voters to make photocopies of other IDs if they don’t have an AZ driver’s license,” the material complains.

Is making a photocopy of an ID really that hard?

“Creates barriers for all voters, especially people of color, low income, rural, & Tribal voters,” the materials continue, without explaining why people of color would find it any more difficult than other voters to comply with the very simple proposed voter ID law.

The shocking push by left-wing activists to make voter fraud easier has been accompanied by an incorrect and racist assertion that non-white people can’t follow the rules – and it’s something that Senator Rand Paul picked up on recently, too.

“All of these proposals are to trying to make it easy to vote but hard to cheat,” Paul said to Laura Ingraham on Fox News, referencing a new Georgia law designed to stop voter fraud.

“I’ve been involved with this. I’ve communicated with people in all 50 state legislatures, I’ve called them on the phone. I’ve talked to the conservative ALEC [American Legislative Exchange Council] group about this, and we’ve now passed it in Kentucky and we actually had more early voting days added, so it’s easier to vote, but you vote in person,” he added, defending against claims that the law is racist.

The Gateway Pundit revealed that while Progress Arizona claims to be a 501(c)4 and that their sister organization, Progress Arizona Institute, is a 501(c)(3), there is actually no record of either organization existed. They do, however, have a significant social media presence that appears to promote CAIR messages and demonstrates a close connection to Instituto, a nonprofit that was founded by Luis Avila, a former Field Organizer for Obama and Organizing Director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

How long can left-wing campaign groups go on tricking voters like this?