Pro-Lifers Arrested For Protesting Baby Organ Harvesting (REPORT)

( Shocking video footage shows how a group of protesters in San Francisco were arrested last month for protesting outside of the Zuckerberg Hospital, for standing up for the rights of unborn children. The protesters are reportedly being charged with trespassing, despite the footage showing them clearly standing on public property outside of the hospital grounds.

In California, apparently, it’s fine to burn down buildings and riot in the name of “racial justice,” but peaceful protest against child murder is illegal.

Interesting, huh?

Anti-abortion organization Pro-Life San Francisco published the footage of local authorities arresting the protesters.

Martin Cannon, an attorney representing the Thomas More Society, represents Terrisa Bukovinac, who is the director of the anti-abortion organization. Cannon said that the footage shows local sheriffs walking protesters int the hospital after they were arrested, where they continued chanting, He also described how the arrest was made for stepping over an arbitrary barricade outside of the building.

He said that the hospital said that they were too close to the hospital building, but they technically hadn’t trespassed.

“They arrested her on a sidewalk basically just for showing up,” he said. “She did not have a megaphone, she wasn’t calling out at all. She didn’t even have a sign. They arrested her for being within an area.”

The footage shows that Bukovinac was not even chanting before she was arrested – it was only after the arrest that she chanted and made some noise, leading Cannon to conclude that they were arrested “anticipatorly” – meaning they were arrested for something they hadn’t done yet.

The issue also appears to be an issue of equal protection.

“We see governors and mayors and election commissioners, people are just making up new rules,” Cannon said. “It’s just sort of sweeping the country, and our pro-life people are seeing a lot of it.”

He said that the same people who “let the protesters bash windows and burn buildings and steal everybody’s inventory and call it ‘lawful protest – we can’t do anything’” would apply the law different when there is a small gathering of pro-life activists outside of a building.

Other protesters will be represented by the Life Legal Defense Foundation. The group recently told The Federalist that the protesters were taking a stand against the hospital’s use of aborted babies in scientific study.