Pro-Israel Sign Defaced With Bloody Handprints

The office of a Republican representative from Michigan reported that a pro-Israel poster displayed outside his office in the nation’s capital had been defaced with bloody handprints.

Representative Tim Walberg’s office reported that a sign proclaiming Walberg’s support for Israel had been vandalized, prompting Walberg to declare that anti-semitism was running rampant in the US.

Walberg said that we must remember our Jewish fellow citizens, such as those on his staff, who are experiencing this discrimination and harassment.

According to a report, Walberg’s office said the sign went up earlier this week after the congressman expressed his support for Israel after the recent attacks on the nation by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Walberg’s office also confirmed that they had reported the incident to Capitol Police.

Walberg, a staunch supporter of Israel, organized a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona earlier this month signed by 43 other senators, urging him to take action to safeguard Jewish pupils on college campuses.

The terror act should be seen as a modern-day pogrom, yet several student organizations have made comments supporting and even glorifying the crime. Some student organizations have even exploited paraglider images in rally advertisements, openly praising the terrorist group Hamas and its heinous methods.

Walberg criticized institutions of higher education for presenting themselves as welcoming and tolerant yet staying mute during the current crisis.

A report reveals that Jewish students at New York’s Cooper Union College were locked in the library and cafeteria as a threatening mob of pro-Hamas activists screamed and banged on windows and doors. Police subsequently evacuated the Jewish students.

Greg Gutfeld explained the craziness of pro-Hamas demonstrations on campus on a recent edition of “The Five” on FOX News.

American college students are an easy target since they are isolated from the rest of society. They become entirely isolated from new ideas and information. They refuse to engage in critical thinking. This behavior opens the door to the belief that a man could be a woman and a Jew can be a Nazi. They are attempting to discredit the actual Holocaust by generating a fake one.