“Pregnant Man” Added To iPhones

(FiveNation.com)- A “pregnant guy” emoji and many other gender-neutral cartoons were included in a recent software update for Apple’s iPhones.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple released the update in mid-March, which included the pregnant emoji and a gender-neutral person with a crown to complement the king and queen emojis. Apple also introduced 35 new emoticons to the mix.
The pregnant boy and “pregnant person” emojis were first launched in January as part of an optional update, but with the iOS 15.4 update, they were made available to all users.
Many conservatives chastised and mocked the choice to introduce the new emoji. Greg Gutfield, a Fox News host, lauded the emoji as a step toward acceptance for guys who have “beer guts.”
Gutfield said to thank God that it’s finally here. “With Apple’s newest update, a beer gut emoji has debuted for iPhones, and this new emoji is available in five distinct skin tones. Someone with a large beer gut may be whichever shade he, she, or they desire.”
The pregnant man isn’t Apple’s first gender-inclusive emoji. Users’ keyboards received many same-sex couples and gender-neutral emoticons in 2019.
In response to what they claim was “outrage” over the emoji, Apple Insider attempted their choice of releasing the emoji with technical mumbo jumbo that, in the end, was illogical.
The Apple Inside representative wrote: “I’m a developer by trade, not an editor, but we’re a small company, so I often spend time moderating comment sections and generally checking up on things. The level of vitriol and outrage I have seen surrounding something as innocuous as an emoji has been awful. The headlines I’ve noticed that I feel obligated not to link back to, combined with the malice ascribed directly towards people due to their political leaning, gender, or sexual orientation, gave me enough pause to spend my night writing this”.
The “completely innocent” and convoluted way the emoji was developed can be seen HERE.