Popular Conservative Account Banned On Twitter

(FiveNation.com)- Last week, Twitter chose to ban the wildly popular “Defiant L’s” account. The account was well known for posting memes and screenshots of left-wing activists and politicians doubling down on their extremism, even when they had been proven categorically wrong in their outlook and thinking.

Many of the memes posted also show politicians and left-wingers saying two entirely different things on two separate occasions. In short, the account exposes left-wing hypocrisy.

Conservatives and Republicans on the platform caused so much of a stink that Twitter, for some reason, eventually decided to reverse the ban and allow the account to stay on their platform. At least, for now.

Twitter users weren’t entirely sure what post got the account banned, but many popular Republican accounts had some ideas about what it might have been.

Some suggested that it might have been a post showing Hillary Clinton claiming in 2016 that “computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump organization to a Russian-based bank.”

It was posted along with a tweet from the New York Post this month that revealed how the “Clinton campaign paid tech workers to dig up Trump-Russia connections.”

It comes after Special Counsel John Durham revealed in court filings that Clinton campaign lawyers allegedly paid tech workers to spy on former President Donald Trump during his campaign and even during his time in the White House.

On February 16, the account was randomly reinstated.

“IM. BACK.” the account tweeted, attaching a screenshot of a message from Twitter that simply reads, “We’ve unsuspended your account.”

Twitter offered no further explanation. It might happen again, and they probably won’t give a reason next time, either.

In the meantime, though, check out the account and look at just how many incredible examples of left-wing hypocrisy are on display. It’s mind boggling.