Pope Francis Rants About “My Racism” In Disturbing Confession

(FiveNation.com)- We are racists! Declares Pope Francis.

Do you find it as obnoxious as I do when someone slanders you on your behalf?

During an interview, the Pope was asked about Ukrainian refugees forced to leave their country and their families behind. The interviewer, Lorena Bianchetti, wanted to know why the more wealthy and modern countries seem to accept those refugees but are hesitant to accept those from other parts of the world. In other words, she wanted the Pope to shame the West by saying they would rather help white people than any other color. And he basically did just that.

It is clear that refugees are divided, Pope Francis declared. First-class, second class, skin color, and whether they’re from a developed or developing country. And this is a negative thing, said the pontiff. “We are racists, we are racists. And this is bad”.

The Pope’s statement is preposterous. Europe has accepted refugees and migrants to the point that one in every four Germans now comes from a migrant family. But the accusation that Western countries are racist in their immigration policies is not new; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made the same argument in March. Is the Pope taking advice from ‘Squad’ member AOC?

Pope Francis didn’t stop there, though. In fact, he laid down the guilt thickly. He portrayed the migrants as Christ-like. He shamed and described Christians who oppose unvetted mass migration as sinners. Jesus suffered as a migrant child and a refugee in Egypt, fleeing death, he continued. How many of these refugees are enduring pain to avoid death? He questioned.

What about the questions the Pope does not wonder about?

How many migrants are illegally crossing borders for work, not fleeing death?

How many migrants fled their home countries for welfare and other benefits in more prosperous nations? How many migrants left their homes to commit terrorism and assault women and children in an enemy’s land?

He never asks those questions. He has only judged harshly and made demands.

He doesn’t respect the rights of sovereign nations to decide their immigration and safety policies for themselves. That is a real shame.