Pope Francis Gives Away “Relic Of Christ’s Cross”

According to a report, The Vatican revealed that Pope Francis had given a “relic of the True Cross” to King Charles III of England in preparation for his forthcoming coronation.

In an email, the Holy See Press Office Director Matteo Bruni confirmed that the small pieces of the True Cross had been presented by the Holy See, via the Apostolic Nunciature, for the Supreme Governor of the Church of England,  King Charles III.

The report reveals that Bruni said the pope wanted to show his support for religious tolerance by giving the Anglican Church a present for its centennial.

On May 6, when Charles processes into Westminster Abbey for his coronation, he will be accompanied by a procession carrying the Cross of Wales.

According to the BBC, the cross is made using silver from the Llantrisant Royal Mint and Welsh elements, including slate and reclaimed wood.  The silver in the cross was marked by King Charles’ hammer.

The new cross has been shown as a reminder that the May 6 coronation will involve a religious ritual as well as a secular one.

From his final sermon, the message of the patron saint of Wales, Saint David, is engraved on the processional cross crafted by silversmith Michael Lloyd.  

Charles gave the cross to the Church in Wales in honor of its centennial in 2020, and it will serve as the centerpiece of the coronation procession.

The British ambassador to the Vatican, Chris Trott, tweeted Pope Francis his gratitude for the amazing gift.

According to a report, For his part, the secretary of the Vatican’s nunciature in London,  Monsignor Ervin Lengyel,  wrote that it was a meaningful gesture. He noted that The Cross of Wales would include fragments of the true cross, which was the private gift of Pope Francis to the King to commemorate the coronation.

According to reports, in addition to his many other titles and responsibilities as king, Charles will also be the head of the Church of England.