Police Search For Missing Person Finds Something Awful

(FiveNation.com)- Police in search for missing Massachusetts mom Ana Walshe were said to have found something horrible at a local trash facility.

Local reports said that when investigators looked through trash in Peabody, they found bags with blood, a hatchet, a hacksaw, a rug, and used cleaning supplies. It alleged that Walshe’s husband, Brian, searched the internet to learn how to get rid of a 115-pound woman’s body and cut it into pieces. Walshe is also said to have bought cleaning supplies for $450 the day after Ana went missing.

Reporters tried to ask Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey about the details but to no avail.

In a statement, David Traub, a spokesman for the district attorney, said a search was done north of Boston, and some items were found. These items will now be processed and tested to see if they can be used as evidence in this investigation.  No details about these items will be given at this time.

Ana Walshe hadn’t been seen since she missed a flight to Washington, D.C., for work early on New Year’s Day.  Investigators were trying to find out if the mother of three had shared a ride to the airport as planned.

Walshe’s husband was arrested for misleading the investigation, which changed the way police were looking for Ana.

According to a report, Ana Walshe is said to have asked her mother to come to see her from Serbia a week before she went missing.

Her mother, Milanka Ljubicic, spoke through an interpreter and said that Ana called her and asked her to come to see her the next day. Ljubicic felt there must have been some problems.

Ljubicic said she didn’t think anything bad about the request. Walshe told her that she and her husband were making plans for February when Ljubicic suggested that she visit her daughter in early January.

Her mother said Ana called her on New Year’s Eve, the night before she disappeared, but she missed the call. She wishes she had answered the call.

Local news reports that Brian Walshe is being held in jail with a cash bail of $500,000.

It’s a heartbreaking story.