Police Say Chinese Consulate Attacker Was Armed

After a car incident outside the Chinese Consulate earlier this month, a man armed with a crossbow and arrows, and a dagger swung at officers before he was shot and killed by a police sergeant, according to newly disclosed data from San Francisco police.

On October 9, in a residential area of the city, a car crashed into the lobby of the city’s embassy, sending people scurrying out of a broken door. Zhanyuan Yang, 31, was rushed to the hospital, but he did not survive.

Police in San Francisco, according to Chief Bill Scott, are taught to put an end to an attack first and foremost. He promised that if it looked like no efforts were being made to de-escalate the situation, police would do everything in their power to stop that threat to ensure no lives were lost promptly. Both the Chinese and American governments expressed their disapproval of the crash, which occurred as San Francisco was getting ready to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit later this month.

Yang’s San Francisco apartment has been the target of multiple search warrants, but the police have yet to find any evidence linking him to the crimes. Scott stated, “There is currently nothing that we have that would allow me to divulge why he turned up there or what he was doing.”

Sergii Molchanov, who was there to submit paperwork for a visa, said he saw a blue Honda vehicle speed in through the front doors. The driver, who was ranting about the Chinese Communist Party (abbreviated C.C.P.) while blood poured from his skull, exited the vehicle.

People seeking asylum in a consulate should feel secure in the knowledge that they are out of harm’s way. The Chinese consulate in San Francisco has been attacked multiple times, most recently on New Year’s Day 2014, when a man set fire to the front door. The man, a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, was sentenced to nearly three years in prison after telling police voices in his head were controlling him.