Police Data Exposes Joe Biden’s Lies Over Gun Control

(FiveNation.com)- An incredible new report from One America News, one of the few news networks in the country that was willing to publish the truth about election fraud and misconduct in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, just revealed how President Joe Biden’s claims about gun control just don’t add up with what American police forces are seeing all over the country.

The Wednesday report explained how Biden has continued to make wild claims about gun ownership worsening violent crime. The same day, Biden gave a speech announcing new plans to tackle gun ownership in the United States and target gun dealers who break the law.

An example given by One America News is San Francisco’s Bay Area. The region, which is run by Democrats, saw a 35% increase in violent crime last year. Similarly, in Chicago, shootings and murders rose by a massive 50% and in New York, the same crimes rose by 45%.

These are all Democrat regions, but specifically, they also have some of the strictest gun control regulations in the country.

Compare those massive increases in crime to Miami, Florida, for instance, and Joe Biden’s narrow focus on gun restrictions appears obviously stupid. Miami, a Republican-run city, saw an increase of just 13% last year – amidst a massive crime surge and far-left riots. Meanwhile, Oklahoma City’s violent crime dropped by 11%.

And these are regions with less strict gun restrictions.

So…what excuse does Joe Biden have?

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks called Biden out on precisely this issue, noting on Wednesday that Biden’s speech proves he doesn’t understand what is causing violent crime.

“News flash for you Joe,” Brooks said, reminding Biden that criminals don’t follow gun laws.

President Joe Biden’s plan to restrict access to legal guns is not just a Second Amendment Rights issue, but an indication that the Biden administration plans to ignore the issue of rapidly worsening violent crime rates in America…just like he’s ignoring the border crisis.