PHOTOS: Bill Clinton Seen Receiving Massage from Epstein Accuser

( Never before-seen photographs of former Democratic President Bill Clinton were published by The Daily Mail on Tuesday, sparking fresh allegations that Clinton may not have been telling the full truth about his relationship with the dead pedophile and socialite. The images appear to show President Bill Clinton receiving a neck massage from 22-year-old Chauntae Davies, one of the women Epstein raped and abused.

The newspaper reports that the photographs were taken after spending a night on Epstein’s private jet, commonly referred to as the “Lolita Express.” It’s believed the photographs were taken in 2002.

Clinton can be seen smiling in the photograph as Davies gives him a neck massage, but it’s important to note here that Davies says Clinton behaved like a gentleman throughout the trip. It means that Clinton did indeed appear to have a close relationship with Epstein, but does not mean that Clinton was involved in the same crimes as him.

“Clinton, then 56, had complained of having a stiff neck after falling asleep on Epstein’s infamous private jet, nicknamed The Lolita Express, while on a humanitarian trip with the pedophile to Africa in September of 2002,” The Mail reports.

The paper also explains how Ghislaine Maxwell, a long-time friend and associate of Epstein who is currently in prison and facing sex trafficking charges, reportedly encouraged young Davies to massage Clintons’ back after the trip. Clinton is said to have asked Davies, “Would you mind giving it a crack?”

Davies insists that Clinton behaved like a “perfect gentleman” during the flight, so this isn’t a smoking gun – but it certainly doesn’t look good. The images were released on the same day that the former president appears at the Democratic National Convention to give his virtual speech to the people of his party.

On a side note, don’t you think it’s interesting that Bill Clinton is addressing this new generation of Democrats? Here is an old white man who represents a wing of the Democratic Party that is vastly different to the way it is today. Clinton is very much a moderate, and gained the support of many Republicans when he first won the election.

Today, the Democrats are far-left socialists who would condemn someone like Bill Clinton, should he run today, as a misogynist and a sexist. Especially with these Epstein rumors flying around.

What a crazy world!