Pelosi Secures Another Seat In Congress

( Republicans were projected to dominate the midterms, securing a majority in both the House and the Senate, however, recent polling shows that if they do secure a majority come this November it will be by a slimmer margin than originally anticipated, according to Fox News. The GOP has reportedly suffered a loss of six seats in the House as shifts are occurring in almost a dozen Senate and governors’ races.

Republicans are not reportedly forecasted to pick up anywhere from 2 to 30 seats in the House which is fewer than they were projected to pick up in July. The Democrats are enjoying better polling as gas prices have slightly eased, and as they passed the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, which would increase spending for green energy programs by $433 billion and increase the size of the IRS.

The president is also enjoying a boost in his overall rating, with 42% approving of the job he is doing. His disapproval rating stands at 58%, reducing a deficit from 19 points to 16 points. The Democrats’ have also won special elections that took place after the June abortion ruling was handed down by the Supreme Court, where candidates outperformed the president’s 2020 margins.

In a Nebraska race for the 1st congressional district, Democrats won by a near 6-point lead. A Minnesota race, Republican Rep. Brad Finstad won his district by a narrow lead with Democratic challenger Jeff Ettinger doing 3 points better than Biden in 2020. The outcome shows Ettinger outperformed in the suburban areas where opposition to abortion restriction is fiercer.

Two districts in Colorado have begun to shift to the left. The 13th district in North Carolina, where pro-Trump former football player Bo Hines is running, has shifted from leaning Republican to a toss-up race. In Virginia, we see what a race that was once a toss-up now leaning Democrat. In Pennsylvania, an open seat in the 17th district was leaning Republican but now is a toss-up.

Michigan’s 3rd district is also now a toss-up from leaning Republican after the Democrats spent ad money to oust moderate Republican Peter Meijer in their efforts to boost the pro-Trump candidate who they believed they would fair better against in the general election. The race currently looks better for Democrats as a result.

The Senate is looking better for Republicans, as they can lose all of their toss-up races and still secure the majority. Republicans would need to secure 51 seats because Vice President Harris is the tie breaker.