Pelosi No Longer Considering 9/11 Style Commission

( Far-left Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday that she was open to abandoning her plans for a 9/11-style commission into the January 6 riots…but she isn’t giving up on her plans completely.

During an interview with USA Today on Tuesday, Pelosi said she would change her plans if Republicans continue to blocks the proposal for a commission, instead opting to establish a select committee that would investigate the origins of the violence on Capitol Hill on January 6.

“It’s always an option,” she told the outlet. “It’s not my preference in any way. My preference would be to have a commission.”

Soon after the tragic violence took place in Washington, D.C., Pelosi proposed a commission designed to smear Republicans as terrorists and to compare the violence that took place – which involved far-left and far-right activists – with the tragic Islamist terror attack in New York that took place on September 11, 2001.

She claimed her 9/11-style commission would “investigate and report on the facts and causing relating to” the violence, which the Democrats called an “insurrection,” but the idea didn’t catch on. Democrats loved the idea, and anti-Trump Republicans in Congress tentatively threw their weight behind it too – but since February, little progress has been made.

“We have to find the truth, and we will and we’re not walking away from that,” Pelosi said about her original plans. “Now, we’d love it to be as bipartisan as possible, but we have other — shall we say — paths if we can’t come to something that would be similar to the 9-11 Commission.”

In order to establish the kind of commission Pelosi wanted, she would need it to be passed through statute in both chambers of Congress, and then signed into law by the president. And while President Joe Biden would almost certainly sign it into law – given his hatred for President Donald Trump and willingness to smear Republicans as terrorists – it likely wouldn’t achieve the 60 votes required in the Senate.

The original 9/11 commission was chaired by a Republican governor and a former Democratic congresswoman and had bipartisan support given the significance of the tragedy that occurred. But a similar plan used for the January 6 violence would be partisan by nature, after Democrats attempted to impeach former President Donald Trump by falsely claiming that he incited the violence.

Pelosi also told USA Today that she plans to introduce new legislation that will boost security around Capitol Hill, which was locked down and surrounded by members of the National Guard and huge fences in the wake of the January 6 violence.