Pelosi Makes Pathetic Excuses For Biden Handing Taliban A Victory

( As Kabul fell to the Taliban and the Americans on the ground were caught trapped and unable to get to the airport, the President and Commander-in-Chief was hiding out at Camp David. Instead of stepping up to the microphone and addressing the American people watching the horror play out on TV, the White House released a statement effectively blaming President Trump for the failure Biden’s disorganized pull-out caused.

And in the midst of it all, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took to Twitter to praise Joe Biden for a job well done. Calling Biden’s statement commendable, Pelosi claimed he showed “clarity of purpose.”

What is she smoking?

Two days later, Pelosi appeared on San Francisco’s KPIX news where she once again commended the bungling Biden for his “strong,” “decisive” action.

Does this woman even live in the real world?

Propaganda only works if there is some ring of truth in it. But claiming Biden’s actions were strong and decisive is so far outside the realm of truth, Pelosi made herself look like an utter fool.

When asked about the billions of dollars’ worth of weapons, vehicles, equipment and jets left in the hands of the terrorist Taliban, Pelosi explained that the President’s decision was based on reducing “the prospect of any attack on our homeland.”

This makes absolutely no sense.

How on earth does letting billions in weapons and equipment fall into the hands of a terrorist organization who has, to this day, worked with and supported the likes of al Qaeda and ISIS, reduce the prospect of any attack?

Pelosi then veered off course shifting back to claiming that President Biden “made it very clear to the Taliban” that any assault on “any American entity or person” would be met with force. Then she went back on course saying that weapons, equipment and planes falling into enemy hands is “what happens when you withdraw.”

Well, if anyone would know what happens during a military withdrawal, it would be that famous military tactician Nancy Pelosi … wait…

Shockingly, Pelosi then explained that the Taliban getting its hands on billions of taxpayer-funded weaponry “was all the more reason for us to leave.”


Clearly Pelosi is desperate to protect and defend the Democrat in the White House in order to shield the Democrats in Congress from any potential blowback Biden’s disastrous withdrawal may have in the upcoming election.

But this is Bagdad Bob-level BS.