Pelosi Is Reportedly Using A Dangerous Tactic Straight From The Communist Chavez Handbook

( The communist government that controls the US House of Representatives yesterday ensured that the American people saw their show trials on all the fellow-traveler major media channels. We were forced to see what the regime permitted us to see, much like Mao Zedong in communist China, Joseph Stalin in communist Russia, or Hugo Chavez in communist Venezuela.

Only FOX, Newsmax, and OAN chose not to participate in the show trials, and today CNN ridiculed them for it.

At 8 pm eastern time, the main hearing got underway. Fox News host Tucker Carlson ignored Rep. Bennie Thompson’s call to order. According to Carlson, the “ruling class” was delivering “yet another lecture about January 6.”

He referred to the hearing as “propaganda,” and he pleased not to air it. He declared, “They are lying, and we are not going to aid them in doing so.”

Carlson questioned why the news media cared when Thompson described January 6 as “the conclusion of an attempted coup.”

He asked his guest why other networks broadcasting the hearing weren’t, indeed, “colluding” with the House.

His guest Jason Whitlock explained, “Because the Democrats and the left are desperate.”

The fact that none of the major networks declined to broadcast the communist-style show trials speaks much about our media and how it has evolved into far-left cabal propaganda.

It is absurd, if not downright sinister, that the left, which has since become communist asserts that President Trump attempted to rig the election.

The communist House Committee led by Pelosi doesn’t follow its established guidelines. Pelosi refused the GOP’s offer of five representatives to join the committee, as was promised, and instead appointed her own two NeverTrumper House members—crazy Liz Cheney and crybaby Adam Kinzinger. They were ideal for the committee because they despise Trump and the decent Americans he represents.

Many think Cheney is in charge of the committee.

These measures demonstrate that the uniparty, which currently controls the House, will stop at nothing to maintain its hold on power, just like the communists of yore. These monsters were so scared by President Trump that they concocted a fabricated story about Russian collaboration.
Then, as Trump’s support grew, they understood they had to rig the 2020 election. They had no idea he would triumph by such a wide margin.

The left-wing communists’ ongoing strategy is to portray themselves as the majority while acting as though Americans who backed President Trump are a minority.

More proof of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election is emerging daily. Like good lapdogs, the communist media won’t broadcast it.

On November 3rd, when the election was rigged, a genuine coup took place. We are aware of it—the vast bulk of us.

The truth and God are on our side.

We shall always prevail against evil.