Pelosi aiming to pass $2T social spending bill before Christmas

( If you thought the Democrats had given up on their plans to pass the wildly unpopular and unprecedented $2 trillion social benefits and climate package, then think again.

Far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still obsessed with the idea of passing it, and that she thinks she’ll be able to get it done before Christmas – which is only two weeks away.

Speaking to reports on Capitol Hill last Wednesday, Pelosi said that the Democrats are “very confident” about the “Build Back Better” plan.

“We know what some possibilities are, and it would be my hope that we would have this bill done before the Christmas vacation,” she said.


She’s not the only one saying it, either. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is reportedly working behind the scenes to get centrist senators from his party to get behind the massive spending bill, even after they have spent months insisting that they wouldn’t pass it.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who has resisted much of his party’s spending agenda since Biden took office, has publicly said that he would not back any new spending bills for as long as inflation is hurting the American people.

Last Tuesday, Manchin once again explained his concerns about passing the massive bill, saying that rising inflation means that the “aspiration bill” could cause further damage.

Debates over the legislation are expected to go on through the week and possibly beyond, with Republican resistance in the Huse and the Senate dramatically impacting the Democrats’ ability to pass it – but Pelosi suggested that she may keep legislators in Washington as long as she possibly can to ensure it is passed before December 25.

This is going to be a rocky Christmas…