Paul Pelosi Attack Audio Played In Court

( 911 audio and police bodycam footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi was played at David DePape’s preliminary hearing.

David DePape reportedly invaded Pelosi’s San Francisco residence in the middle of the night in October, allegedly searching for Nancy Pelosi.

CBS reported that DePape told officers and doctors on the scene that he was sick of the insane quantity of bullcrap emanating from Washington, D.C., and said he went there to speak briefly with his wife. He had no intention of harming him, but it was a suicide mission. He will not stand by and do nothing, even if it costs him his life.

David DePape reportedly struck Paul Pelosi in the head with a hammer as the situation deteriorated.

According to an NBC court reporter, the television monitor was facing the SFPD officer on the stand, so most courtroom attendees could only hear the recording.

CBS News reported that using 911 calls, police body cam video, and investigators’ sworn evidence, prosecutors painstakingly put together the attack on Paul Pelosi during Wednesday’s preliminary hearing of his suspected attacker David DePape.

DePape, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, sat at the defense table.

Christine Pelosi, one of Pelosi’s five adult children, was in the crowded courtroom.

Prosecutors began the hearing swiftly by showing audio of Paul Pelosi’s 911 call to San Francisco police.

After the audio recording, one of the responding SFPD officers, officer Kyle Cagney, took the stand and described the doorway confrontation with DePape and the quick hammer strike. Then, he presented the hammer to the courtroom by extracting it from a huge evidence bag.

SFPD Chief Bill Scott told the media that officers found an adult male and Mrs. Pelosi’s husband upon arrival. Police spotted both Mr. Pelosi and the suspect with hammers in their hands. The suspect took the hammer from Mr. Pelosi and used it to attack him violently.

The officers subdued the offender, disarmed him, called for backup, and administered first aid. In addition to the hammer, DePape possessed zip ties, which he admitted he had to kidnap Nancy Pelosi, in addition to the hammer.

Why doesn’t the public get to see the video? Is there something else they’re hiding?