Pastor Says Trump Is Preparing To Install A Protege At The White House

( Former President Donald Trump has put in place a brilliant strategy, according to Pastor Shane Vaughn of First Harvest Ministries in Waveland, Mississippi. In a video published on his website, the pastor said Trump’s mastery will allow him to reclaim the White House in 2024 and then install a protégé who will carry his mantle for eight more years.
One artful part of Trump’s game plan, according to Vaughn, is to back and fund political allies running for secretary of state in battleground states.
Vaughn said that Trump is making sure that his hand-picked secretaries are in place for his future run because they’re in charge of election counting.
He’s an absolute genius,” said Vaughn. He says that Trump is so quick that he has the problem solved before anyone knows there is a problem.
Vaughn has been a longtime devoted supporter of Trump.
Vaughn made headlines following the 2020 presidential election when he said he expected the deposed Republican leader would be re-elected in a rematch, crushing Vice President Joe Biden.
He’s made other provocative remarks, once having equated Facebook’s decision to suspend Trump to Satan’s plan to kill Jesus.
Vaughn, who also goes under the moniker “Professor Toto,” said in a video, “Have you heard? TRUMP and HIS SECRETARIES?? Spread the Gossip!”
Before laying out Trump’s purported strategy, he launched the video by suggesting the title was an attempt to capture people’s attention for some “juicy gossip.” He spoke about the former president’s Saturday event in Michigan for Kristina Karamo, running for Secretary of State.
In the video, Vaughn claims that Trump is so clever he deliberately got out of the way for four years so that the Biden would carry the curse of COVID.
The pastor explains that losing an election and having it stolen from you are two very different things. He feels God intervened and moved Trump out of the White House temporarily so that he could return and fix the mess Biden is incapable of fixing.
“It’s going to be phenomenal, “ the pastor with extreme confidence.