Only 23% Of Americans Are Hopeful For A Better Political System

( A new survey just revealed that a huge portion of Americans are hopeful for a better political system, and only 38% of American adults are hopeful of a better future.

Well, damn.

The survey was performed alongside the launch of a new national marketing campaign by non-profit America250 Foundation, which commemorates the 250th anniversary of the formation of the United States on July 4, 2026. It was designed to offer a better understanding of how Americans feel about their country, its history, and the future for Americans. It was performed by Social Science Research Solutions, Inc.

Some 92% of American adults who responded said that they want to help make the United States a better place to live, but only 38% think that will happen.

The responses are a little vague, however, as everyone’s idea of what is a “better” place to live is different – and many of those who don’t believe America will become a better place to live could be left-wing radicals who think white people should be discriminated against to make amends for slavery.

Similarly, it might include disaffected Republicans who see Critical Race Theory being taught in schools and worry that things are just going to get worse.

Thankfully, however, a majority of Americans said that they would rather live in the United States than anywhere else in the world – some 79%.

So that’s good.

But it also found that only 23% of Americans are hopeful of building a better political system. And at a time of extreme partisanship, particularly from the far-left Democrats, it’s hardly surprising.

If the Democrats pass the so-called “For the People Act,” then the concerns of that 77% who don’t believe America will build a better political system will be realized…the Democrats may control Congress and the White House forever!