One Democrat Billionaire Is Quietly Targeting Donald Trump 

( Despite the Democrats largely wanting to face former President Donald Trump in the 2024 general election, one Democrat donor is defying the consensus entirely by looking for ways to push Trump out of the Republican presidential primary. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Democrat donor Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, and his advisors are analyzing state trends ahead of the 2024 primaries to determine where the Democrats would need to focus their efforts during the primary elections. 

Puck News’s Theodore Schleifer reported that the LinkedIn founder and his top advisor Dmitri Mehlhorn have been holding closed-door meetings on how to analyze early primary states, including analyzing demographic groups, party registration requirements, and GOP nominating rules.  

According to sources, while Hoffman is unlikely to try to boost Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a way to stop Trump from winning the nomination, he does not consider DeSantis as the same “existential threat to democracy” that Trump is. 

In a recent interview with podcaster Kara Swisher, Hoffman vowed to spend as much money as it takes to defeat Donald Trump in 2024. 

The LinkedIn founder has been a longtime donor to so-called centrist Democrat candidates. In 2020, he donated more than $2 million to super PACs supporting Biden. 

By June 2022, Hoffman had already donated more than $4 million to Democrat candidates in the midterm elections in addition to the six-figure contribution he made to Mainstream Democrats PAC. 

Hoffman and his advisors believe that the way to defeat Republicans in the general election is to elect centrist Democrats. 

Last June, Dmitri Mehlhorn said the purpose of their “political philanthropy” is to weaken the political power of the Trump/MAGA movement. Mehlhorn argued that far-left groups like the Justice Democrats only help the Trump/MAGA movement by attacking the moderate Democrats who are more likely to win general elections.