Ohio Nurses’ Union Poll Finds 30% Would Quit Hospital Over Vax Mandate.

(FiveNation.com)- President Joe Biden’s decision to force more people to take the vaccine or lose their jobs is proving disastrous for the United States, with huge numbers of people refusing to take the vaccine on principle and losing their jobs as a result.

And now, the results of a survey by a nurses’ union in Ohio shows that almost a third of nurses would quit if they were forced to take the vaccine.

The survey for the university of Cincinatti Medical Center (UCMC) reveals that implementing vaccine mandates could be disastrous for the region, and could seriously impact the ability of Ohio medical facilities to treat people who need medical care.

All five of the major local hospital systems in Ohio have already committed to eventually introducing a vaccine mandate. Two hospitals within those systems, Cincinatti Children’s Hospital and Christ Hospital, have already announced that workers have a deadline of October 1 to be fully baccinated.

So far, Tri-Health, Mercy Health, and University of Cincinatti Medical Center have not yet set a deadline by which their employees will need to be fully vaccinated, and the results of this poll could make them thing again.

The Ohio Nurses Association conducted the poll and asked the thoughts of 456 nurses. 136 of those nurses said that they would rather quit their job than take the vaccine if it is mandates, according to a statement released by labor representative Dominic Mendiola. She highlight how any such resignations would seriously impact the hospitals in the region and make it difficult to treat sick people, with UCMC already having been forced to close 30 beds because of a lack of staff.

Do President Joe Biden and his supporters really want hospitals to lose staff just because they want to force people to comply?

UCMC has agreed to negotiate the vaccine policy with the nurses’ union, so it could potentially change. The first deadline date was August 23 and that felt through. It has now been moved to September 13, but that may change again.

Let’s hope their decision will be driven by the data…