Ocasio-Cortez’s Fake Handcuff “Stunt” Was Covered By The Media

(FiveNation.com)- Two progressive members of the so-called “Squad” in the House of Representatives were arrested earlier this week while participating in a protest outside of the Supreme Court.

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar were filmed being arrested while a pro-abortion gathering of people took place outside the high court.

In typical “Squad” fashion, both congresswomen used the opportunity of being arrested to pull off a stunt.

Both AOC and Omar pretended that they were handcuffed, even though neither of them actually had any restraints on their wrists. Many people and even some media outlets reported that they were taken away by police in handcuffs.

ABC News, for example, tweeted two pictures of AOC and Omar holding their hands behind their backs as if they were handcuffed. They added the comment:

“JUST IN: Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and other House Democrats arrested in abortion rights protest at the Supreme Court.”

Esme Murphy, who’s a reporter for WCCO-TV based in Omar’s Minnesota even tweeted a video of Omar being arrested on Twitter, adding the comment:

“Among many reports of multiple female Members of Congress include @ilhanmn being arrested this video has been posted on Facebook which shows a woman who appears to be Rep Omar in handcuffs.”

Murphy even followed that up with another tweet saying Omar’s staff members confirmed that was indeed her in the video being handcuffed.

Sorry, Murphy, you and plenty of others were duped.

The reporter apparently was made aware of the fact that Omar was never handcuffed and, instead, was just faking it. Eleven minutes after posting her original tweet saying Omar was handcuffed, Murphy posted another tweet that read:

“Correction: it’s not clear in this video of @ilhanmn that she is in handcuffs — staff says she has been taken into custody along with other MOC during a pro abortion rights protest — it looks at the end of the clip that she is not in cuffs.”

In other words, during what should have been a serious protest about something they believed in — and that many other people around the country care deeply about — Omar and AOC decided to pull a publicity stunt. If this doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the “Squad,” what will?

The representatives were just two of 35 total people who were arrested at the protest on Tuesday. They were taken into custody because they were blocked First Street NW illegally, after they marched from the U.S. Capitol building down to the building of the Supreme Court.

Before they were arrested, the people at the protest were given three standard warnings by police. When they refused to comply, they were placed under arrest.

CNN reported that other Democratic members of the House were arrested during the protest on Tuesday. That includes Andy Levin, Carolyn Maloney, Jan Schakowsky, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Madeleine Dean, Rashida Tlaib, Sara Jacobs, Jackie Speier, Barbara Lee, Nydia Velazquez, Katherine Clark and Cori Bush.