Obama’s Ex Doctor Calls For Biden To Resign In Disgrace

(FiveNation.com)- Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician under both the Barack Obama and Donald Trump administrations, is calling out President Joe Biden. Hard.

Over the weekend, Jackson called out the president for being completely absent and refusing to take questions from the media after his withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan resulted in the country being completely taken over by the Taliban within a matter of days.

Slamming the president’s disappearing act, Jackson said it was “OUTRAGEOUS” and that the president should address the nation immediately.

He then went on to question whether President Biden even has the cognitive ability to lead the nation. And remember, this guy isn’t just the physician for the. Trump administration – he was hired during the Obama administration and would have overseen various health checks of Biden when he was the Vice President.

He asked if Biden is “not mentally capable of handling the crisis,” and said that if that is truly the case, then he should resign “IMMEDIATELY.”

Jackson added that the United States deserves better than a president who remained n hiding at Camp David while footage was arriving from Afghanistan showing desperate people clinging to the outside of planes as they tried to flee the country.

Jackson’s comments came immediately after the Taliban began heading into major Afghan cities that they hadn’t been in control of since the United States invasion 20 years ago. The Taliban only seized Kabul on Sunday, and days later, thousands of Americans are at risk, and dissenters are already being arrested and harassed on the streets.

Jackson has since moved on from being the White House physician and now represents the 13th Congressional District in Texas.

Shouldn’t people be taking notice if the former White House physician calls out President Biden’s cognitive ability…