NYC Mayor Admits Migrants Causing Crime Surge

The weakness of the United States of America is on full display for all to see, and it appears that the reality of this situation will not change anytime soon. Indeed, over the last three years, the questionable presidential leadership of the 46th commander in chief of the United States Joe Biden has been apparent to anyone with a sliver of common sense. Biden touted massive spending packages early in his presidency which were approved by congressional politicians from both parties. These pieces of legislation contributed to massive levels of inflation not witnessed in decades. The cost of living has skyrocketed, and it is currently estimated that six out of every ten Americans are living check to check while the national debt continues to spiral out of control. What’s worse; for families making near the median income of some seventy thousand dollars a year, the dream of owning a home may be out of reach as the price of real estate has increased exorbitantly. In truth, things are not prosperous in America.

Biden’s biggest mistake may be perhaps at the southern border. Biden reversed many of his predecessor Donald Trump’s immigration policies which had slowed the tide of illegal migration into the country. This completely threw the border into chaos. Over the last three years, millions of illegal migrants have infiltrated the country, and tens of thousands continue to arrive on a daily basis. The Republican governor of Texas Greg Abbott has been bussing migrants up to New York City and other progressively run cities and states to show these insane politicians and the voters who support them the full extent of their ludicrous policies. Recently, the Mayor of New York City Eric Adams had to painfully acknowledge that it was the migrants that have caused an increase in crime levels, and admitted that “a robbery pattern” had been ascertained. Ultimately, the big apple faces many problems that need addressal.