NYC Bomb Squad Deployed Over “Bomb” Box

( New York City Police responded to an incident last week when a man carried over a box outside of a fire department and placed it down, announcing “I think this is a bomb.” As baffling as this is, the man is currently unidentified and is not in custody, according to Fox News.

When the man walked away, the NYPD bomb squad found that the box contained a gun and reported no explosives.

Violent crime in New York City, along with several other major cities across the country has increased to the point of surpassing last year’s rates of crime, according to the New York Post. NY is experiencing a surge of violent crime, including homicide, rape, assault and robbery, as high as 25.8% compared with last year.

According to the latest data, nearly 190 murders have taken place in the city. Although that number is down more than 13% since 2021, rapes, robberies and felony assaults are all reportedly up by 15.4%. 39.7% and 19.6%, respectively.

After taking a trip on the subway for around three hours, NYC Mayor Eric Adams admitted for the first time that he was “shocked” at the state of the city. He pointed out a lack of communication with the police department and the surge in homelessness affecting New Yorkers on their daily commute, as encampments and tents are erected in the subway carts.

“And I started peeling back layers and what it started to unveil to me is how we just had this good shell, but underneath—it’s bad.”

Last year, surveillance video footage showed a man being attacked by another with a hatchet while in an ATM vestibule.

On June 30, the Justice Department announced that it will be investigating the NYPD over concerns of “gender-biased policing,” saying that survivors of sexual assault have not been given effective investigations by the department, a lack that has plagued the department for decades.

A spokesperson for the mayor told Fox News that “there is no higher priority for law enforcement than ensuring that victims of sexual assault get the justice they deserve and the care, support, and treatment they need.”