NY Migrants Complain of Not Getting Enough Aid, Welfare

The issue of illegal immigration has continued to become a significant problem in recent years. The former president of the United States Donald Trump has made the issue a central focus of his 2024 political campaign rhetoric and has promised to execute the largest deportation operation in American history should he emerge victorious in the 2024 presidential election and once again occupy the White House. While Trump has often been known for his bombastic statements, it remains to be seen if this plan is actually feasible. Trump has stated he will use the national guard and military to execute the plan, but again, many experts, (including one who spoke with media officials from the major outlet ABC) have questioned whether or not the plan could actually be put into practice.

Regardless, the problem of illegal migration is growing. Millions of migrants have entered the country since President Joe Biden took office in 2021, and the problem has grown consistently worse. It is estimated that by October 2024, the federal backlog for illegal migrants will surpass 8 million individuals. According to the New York Post, this increase is a staggering 167% rise in just 5 calendar years. Major cities like New York, Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, and other areas characterized as urban have been hit the hardest by this growing crisis. Attempting to capitalize on the growing issue, Trump even dared to hold a rally in the southern region of the Bronx, New York. No Republican has carried the Bronx in a century, and it is unlikely that New York City would vote for Trump, as the metro is deep blue, and the native New York business mogul is quite unpopular in the city.

Regardless, the migration crisis remains. One female illegal in New York City recently complained that she is not receiving enough public assistance from the state and city governments. She seems not to understand her illegal actions.