NY Man Arrested for Giving Son Fireworks That Set Two Houses Ablaze

In Idaho in 2023, a colossal explosion occurred when a gas line burst.10,000 people had to leave their residences in a rural area of the state in October 2023. The explosion occurred outside of the town of Middleton. Residents of the municipality were initially told to evacuate, but after authorities determined that the gas line had been shut off, an order was given to “shelter in place” and the evacuation mandate was rescinded. Most residents were unaware of what had happened.

In 2024, the 4th of July weekend remained characteristically resemblant of celebrations that occurred in years past. As the nation celebrated its 248th birthday, people across the country responded by hosting barbecues, enjoying summer heat, and of course, partaking in fireworks displays across the nation. Ultimately, while these celebrations are often harmless fun, they do not come without their dangers. In New York, a man was arrested by a bomb squad after allegedly providing his son with fireworks. His son was aged 11, and a horrible tragedy occurred. His 11 year old son lit a firework that ended up resulting in a massive fire that burned down two houses in Levittown, on Long Island. The 33 year old father gave the firework to a son, when it malfunctioned and caused the devastating blaze. The father and sons’ home was one of the houses affected by the tragic incident. Karamjit Singh, an Indian man, was arrested. He faces several charges, including the charges of second degree arson, unlawful sale of fireworks to a minor, unlawful possession of fireworks, and reckless endangerment.

Americans continue to make poor decisions annually regarding the use of fireworks and tragedies continue to occur. One man, a father from South Carolina named Allen McGrew placed a firework on his head in celebration of the 4th while wearing “Uncle Sam” themed clothing. The firework exploded while on his head, killing him while his wife and children watched.