Numbers Reveal White Males Only Demographic With Declining Admissions Into College

( According to figures released by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, white males are the only demographic in the UK which saw a decrease in enrollment in universities.

This year marked a record number of enrollments in British universities with 448,080 students set begin classes in the fall. But despite the record number, among white males, enrollment has declined again. Just 127,250 white males are among the admissions for this year. This is down from 2020 when the enrollment was 127,330.

The number of white males admitted to university has dropped by ten percent since 2014.

During the same time, the number risen by 26 percent for Asian males, 39 percent for Asian women.

Some academics believe that this drop in enrollment among disadvantaged working class whites exposes the underlying failure of the push for teaching such things as “white privilege.” The numbers also reveal the failure of successive Conservative governments to “level-up” economically deprived areas in any meaningful way.

According to evidence submitted last year to the House of Commons Education Select Committee, working class white students are fifty percent less likely than other minority groups to achieve strong passes on the General Certificate of Secondary Education, the testing method used by universities to determine a student’s academic aptitude.

The evidence also shows that, by more than a two-to-one margin, poor white students are also less likely to receive free school meals compared to their black and Asian counterparts. This despite the fact that they are in the same economic bracket.

Given the disadvantages faced by poorer white communities, only 13 percent of white working class boys advance to higher education.

This data has some concerned that the current “woke” push in education will create grave societal problems going forward.

Professor Matthew Goodwin, a political scientist at the University of Kent, previously warned the Education Select Committee that with the onset of such terms as “toxic masculinity” and “white privilege,” this trend will increase because universities are sending a signal to these communities “that they are the problem.”

Goodwin explained that the message white working class communities are being sent is that it isn’t “the system more generally” that let them down. Instead, “they are the problem and they should make amends for simply being who they are.”

But instead of dealing with the fact that white males are being left behind, the UK National Education Union is doubling down on promoting leftist doctrine in schools – now calling for British toddlers to be taught about “white privilege” in order to instill “anti-racist views” in the minds of young children.