Numbers Reportedly Doctored About Immigration, Leading To Investigation

( Numbers about the number of illegal aliens being released into the country have been underreported, according to The Daily Caller. Republican Texas Rep. Pat Fallon reportedly vowed to investigate why Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were not reporting the true number of illegals released into the country without any tracking technology. The discrepancy is allegedly 18,000%.

In an internal document, ICE reported that 49,459 illegal aliens in the country were not being monitored, but then reported on its website that the number was only 266 with this status as of November 19. Fallon reiterated this issue on Fox News, saying that Republicans will get to the “bottom of it” when they take the House back in January.

Several investigations have already been announced by House Republicans, with calls to impeach Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas if he does not resign.

Some Republicans, however, are expressing their doubt that Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is up for the job in the incoming 118th Congress. Rep. Matt Gaetz said that he has a list of the five conservatives who will not be voting for House leader Kevin McCarthy this coming January, according to Mediaite.

So far, the five Republicans who are committed to voting “no” to McCarthy are Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Bob Good, Matt Rosendale, and Ralph Norman.

Gaetz also criticized McCarthy for not supporting subpoenas that he, Rep. Jim Jordan, Ron DeSantis, and Mark Meadows were calling for in the House Judiciary Committee when Republicans held the majority.

Biggs, who was nominated for the position by Rep. Chip Roy to show that McCarthy had some opposition, added that conservatives are “culpable for failing to put the brakes on the Left,” which has caused those on the right to become angry at the Republican Party. McCarthy, in Biggs’ view, does not represent the leadership constituents are calling for and that’s why he says he will not be voting for him.