Nuclear Scientist Wanted To Flee America Because Of Trump, Leaked Texts Show

( Remember the story of a teacher who was accused of selling classified information about United States submarines to foreign agents? Well, a court just learned that the teacher only wanted to leave the country after selling the secrets because she hated former President Donald Trump.

45-year-old Diana Toebbe is accused of working with her husband, a Navy engineer, to sell secrets about American military equipment and submarines because she hated the president. Her lawyers say that she should be granted bail and that because the former president is no longer in office, she poses no risk and is unlikely to leave the country.

On Wednesday, the claim was filed in court. Documents showed an exchange of messages between Toebbe and her husband in March of 2019 showing her talking about leaving the country and moving to France.

It remains unclear which country the pair tried to sell the state secrets to.

In the messages, Diana tells her husband, “we need to get out.”

“To do something else. To teach in international schools. To take Macron up on his offer to harbor scientific refugees,” she added.

It sounds an awful lot like they may have been trying to sell these submarine secrets to France…

Jonathan Toebbe then responded by reassuring his wife that either Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren would “curb stomp” Trump and Pence.


His wife, however, wasn’t so sure.

“WE NEED TO GET OUT,” she responded in capital letters. “Hilary was going to curb stomp trump. I’m done.”

The messages were used to suggest that she is unlikely to flee the country, but her lawyers argue that the incentive to do so is no longer there.

As a nuclear engineer for the Navy, Toebbe’s husband was making $153,000 per year, while she made $60,000 per year as a teacher. They had a great life and, under the Trump administration, were paying less in taxes than they had done in years.

Why anybody would want to flee the country when life is so good is perplexing – which is presumably why the court is having a hard time deciding whether bail is appropriate.

Further details about the case can be found here.