NRA-Backed Candidate Refuses To Stand Up Against Gun Control

( A Republican running for Congress in Virginia refused to say if she would be willing to compromise with Democrats on gun control legislation.

Virginia state lawmaker Jennifer Kiggans is one of four Republicans running in Tuesday’s primary for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. In a recent local radio interview with John Fredericks, Kiggans said she wanted to be “in the room” when Congress debated gun control legislation, adding that there is “debate to be had” and she was open to it.

Kiggans, who is a state senator, is backed by Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and received the backing of the National Rifle Association. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s leadership PAC is also supporting Kiggans.

The Republican to win Tuesday’s primary will challenge Democrat incumbent Congresswoman Elaine Luria in November’s election.

Kiggans face Republicans Jarome Bell, Tommy Altman, and Andy Baan in Tuesday’s Virginia primary.

Both Kiggans and Bell are polling as the top two contenders in the race.

Jarome Bell, a Navy veteran, is campaigning as a pro-2nd Amendment, American First Republican. He is endorsed by former Trump official Michael Flynn and Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona. Bell created controversy last year after calling for the execution of those involved in election fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

In a recent interview, Bell blasted the Republican establishment for promoting candidates who run as conservatives but govern as moderates.

Bell warned that Jennifer Kiggans’ voting record leans to the Left, describing her as “Luria light.”

Polling from April shows both Kiggans and Bell are trailing Elaine Luria by five points.

Virginia’s primary is Tuesday, June 21.

In addition to Virginia, Alabama’s primary and Georgia’s run-off election are also on Tuesday.