North Carolina County PASSES Reparations Resolution

( If you live in North Carolina, it’s very possible that you’re going to be landed with big bills to pay African Americans reparations in the future. Buncombe County passed a resolution on Tuesday that supports giving reparations to black residents who have never been victims of slavery or oppression in their lives.

The resolution passed by the county explains that “Slavery represented an irreconcilable contradiction in our nation’s founding: a young democracy committed to the ideals of liberty and justice and yet actively perpetuating the degradation of Black people.”

“This contradiction – what some have called our nation’s original sin – has yet to be fully addressed and systemic racism continues to this day,” it continued.

Not only did they pass a reparation supporting reparations, which is a precursor to legislation that could end up making it happen, but the county even declared that racism is a “public health crisis.”

The lunatics are officially running the asylum.

It comes after the city of Asheville in Buncombe County saw its city councilors approve reparations for black residents. This vote took place in July, but it didn’t say that direct payments would be made to black residents. Instead, it suggested that the city would prefer to redirect funds to places where they believe there are racial disparities. Let’s see how long it takes until they’re agreeing to write checks to black residents.

Brownie Newman, a Buncombe County Commission, told the press why he and his colleagues voted to support the Community Reparations Commission that was set up by Asheville city earlier this year.

“The civil rights era is not over, will still have a lot of work to do,” he explained.

Commissioner Amanda Edwards, who wrote the resolution, said that it was a plan to “invest in programs and services for the communities of color.”

The official website for Buncombe County also reported several statistics that they suggest are evidence of racism. They included the fact that Black life expectancy was 5.9 years shorter than white residents, and that the overall death rate of Black people was 38% higher than white people.

Nature’s racist, or something.