Nikki Haley Urges Biden To Continue Trump’s Foreign Policy

( Nikki Haley called on Joe Biden to continue President Donald Trump’s foreign policies should he be inaugurated on January 20.

In an op-ed for the Washington Post that was published on Wednesday, Haley said that the president’s foreign policies were effective and that an incoming Biden administration should not jettison his work over partisanship.

“Biden is sure to feel strong partisan pressure to reject most, if not all, of Trump’s foreign policy,” she wrote. “That would be a mistake.”

Haley also said that “sweeping away the achievements and strategies of the past four years would endanger American safety and interests.”

Fact check: true.

Haley also dismissed Biden’s plan to re-join the Paris climate accord, which would cost American jobs and dramatically hurt the national economy, as “foolish.” She explained how it would also put the United State at the mercy of countries like China “that seek to strengthen themselves at American expense.”

The former United Nations Ambassador under the Trump administration then explained three very specific elements of Trump’s foreign policy that Biden would be wise to maintain…though let’s face it, we all know he won’t.

She started by calling the Chinese Communist Party “the most serious global threat” that is determined to overtake the U.S. economy and military at all costs. She explains that President Trump’s efforts to build up the American military and punish Chinese companies for stealing American trade secrets were important measures to counter it.

“Biden would endanger U.S. interests if he reversed course” she added.

She then said that Biden would be wise to “further limit Chinese access to our companies, telecommunications and universities,” just like the U.S did to the Soviet Union.

“If Biden fails to push back, there will be no stopping Chinese communist aggression in Asia and beyond,” she continued.

Joe Biden, however, has long been a friend to China – and it doesn’t look like that has changed. Biden encouraged the growth of China during his time as vice president, smiling with Chinese leader XI Jinping and toasting to the “beautiful history” the U.S. and China will make together.

Biden also recently nominated Jake Sullivan as hi White House National Security Advisor – a man who previously said that the United States should “encourage China’s rise.”

Nikki Haley is probably talking to a brick wall at this point…