Nikki Haley Squirms After Question About Her Candidacy

( Nikki Haley, a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2024, did not provide much in response to a question on how she would distinguish herself from Donald Trump.

Fox News’s Shannon Bream interviewed Haley on Sunday. Throughout the course of the exchange, Bream brought up the reservations made by the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal concerning Haley’s campaign. Although the board acknowledged in an article published the week before that Haley had a “great” campaign debut, she has yet to provide a compelling argument for why voters should choose her over Trump or any of her other potential opponents.

Bream briefly summarized the conversation, who then turned to Haley and said, “why you?”

Haley attempted an answer. After mentioning her background, she gave a brief summary of her views on term limits, how she fought against the idea of “woke education,” and spoke out against the “socialism” and “defeatism” that she claims to see as taking hold of our country.

Bream pointed out that Haley had just spoken with Sean Hannity and was evading the question of where she and Trump differed on policy.

Bream remarked that clearly, Haley feels she is a better option than Trump; otherwise, she wouldn’t have gotten into the race.  Again, she pressed Haley asking her where exactly she disagrees with Trump on the issues.

Haley responded by saying she doesn’t focus much on President Trump and feels it is remarkable that the media wants to discuss it so much.

Bream felt compelled to warn Haley that to go through the primary, she’ll have to focus on every opponent who stood between Haley and the Republican presidential nomination.

Haley listened and then countered, “I’m focused on Joe Biden,” before renewing her appeal for “a new generation.”

Bream’s inquiry is a bit unfair in that every person is unique. Even if their policies are the same, they bring a different perspective and tone.

Trump’s policies could be sound, but his personality is certainly divisive.