Nikki Haley Says United Nations Is Preparing To Prop Up Taliban

( Remember Nikki Haley? She’s the Trump-era United States Ambassador to the United Nations who was denied a meeting with former President Donald Trump in the wake of the 2020 election. She may be a Neo-Con and not all that popular among the GOP base, but she certainly has experience with the United Nations, and her recent warning that the international body could soon be propping up the Taliban should be taken seriously.

On Tuesday, Haley spoke to the Washington Examiner about the prospects of the Taliban becoming internationally recognized as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. She said that the United Nations should refuse to allow Taliban officials to officially represent Afghanistan, but that the UN has a “terrible track record” in terms of giving human rights abusers a seat at the international table.

“This would be a new low,” she said.

Haley insisted that the United Nations must refuse to cave to attempts by the Taliban to be accepted by the international bloc and to be legitimized given its long history of human rights abuses, particularly towards women.

As the Taliban took over Afghanistan, following President Joe Biden’s botched military withdrawal, women have been repeatedly targeted by Jihadist militants. From requiring women to wear burkas and niqabs, to sexual abuse and even murder, women who previously enjoyed freedom under the old Afghanistan government are now being subjugated and abused.

Horrific stories have revealed how women have even been set on fire – with one woman reportedly being killed for giving Taliban fighters “bad cooking.”

Haley said that the United States should have no involvement with the United Nations if it recognizes the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan when it “throws acid on schoolgirls” and is known for abduction, rape, and forced marriage.

We honestly probably shouldn’t be surprised if the UN not only recognizes the Taliban but makes it a member of the Human Rights Council…