Newt Gingrich Slams Pelosi As “Most Destructive Speaker In History”

(FiveNation)- Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich hit out at far-left Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week, describing her as the “Most destructive speaker in history.”

And he isn’t wrong.

During a discussion with Laura Ingraham on Fox News, Gingrich explained his reasoning.

“First off, she keeps violating the Constitution,” he said. “The latest impeachment is just a simple example. She uses her power ruthlessly and she has really pushed through the most radical positions ever taken by an American speaker, including abolishing mother and father and uncle and aunt and son and daughter as words, literally trying to strip out any gender reference from the House of Representatives.”

It’s hard to argue that such a measure is normal, right?

“I think she’s very dangerous,” Gingrich added.

For anybody recalls Pelosi’s tearing up of President Donald Trump’s speech during his State of the Union address, it’s probably hard to disagree with Gingrich…whether or not you’re a Republican.

Gingrich also reminded viewers that Pelosi lives in a rich neighborhood in San Francisco and doesn’t understand the concerns of normal people. Instead, she advocates far-left ideas promoted by the most radical members of her own party.

“She lives in an enclave that is guarded in San Francisco,” Gingrich said. “She is surrounded by left-wing looney tunes who think that it’s OK to live in a city where there’s a map you can go to the internet that shows you where feces were.”

Gingrich was referencing the fact that San Francisco, which is run by Democrats, has the worst homelessness in the country and as a result suffers from human feces being left in the street.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is known for her radical views and partisan nature in Congress, and over the last year, she has even been caught inciting uprisings all over the country.

Despite inciting violent unrest over the span of the last year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi inaccurately claimed President Donald Trump incited an insurrection in Washington, D.C., on January 6.

The most destruct House Speaker in history? Newt Gingrich is probably right about that…